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Experiential Landscape: research and application of a person-centred process creating social capital.

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Experiential Landscape co-ordinates and employs a person-centred process generating socially sustainable solutions to benefit how people relate to each other and the outdoor settings they routinely use.

Experiential Landscape has developed a process the Experiemic Process that can integrate people, their interactions and environmental settings collectively forming a basis for change in the physical environment and in social structures.

The process reveals individual interests and shared concerns, increasing social capital in the form of self worth, self esteem and social cohesion.

In achieving this Experiential Landscape recognises the value of social networks and the roles of individuals within them.

It unlocks the capability that such networks have for influencing change in the environment, responding to the way that urban settings form around the daily rhythm of social association.

New book due for publication August 2013:
Socially Restorative Urbanism
The theory, process and practice of Experiemics
By Kevin Thwaites, Alice Mathers, Ian Simkins
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